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Asa Akira porn pics was born on January 2, 1986 in New York, USA. She is of Japanese descent and lived in Tokyo between the ages of six and thirteen, where she attended an American school. Her media career began on the radio from 2006 to 2007, in the show “Bubba the Love Sponge”.

Asa Akira Porn Pics

Asa Akira Porn Pics

She first appeared on the lesbian scene in 2008 and starred in Gina Lynn Productions and Elegant Angel. She was awarded the Discovery of 2008. Three years later she received further nominations and awards for the “AVN Award” and “Urban X Awards”. She was awarded the XBIZ Award and the AEBN VOD Award in 2012 for “Performer of the Year”. She received the most awards for the film “Asa Akira Is Insatiable 2” (2012). At 19 she started as a dominatrix, then stripper at the Hustler Club. In 2006-07 she did the radio show Bubba Love Sponge. There she met porn actress Gina Lynn, who offered her porn where they worked. She had her first mixed scene with Travis Knight. Asa is her real name, Japanese means “morning”, Asa Akira is from anime of the same name.

In 2013 she moderated AVN with J. Jane and comedian A. Macie where she won the Woman of the Year herself. She made her directorial debut with Gangbanged 6/2013. It flashed in the usual Starlet (2012, directed by Sean S. Baker). She wrote memories Insatiable: Porn – Love Story (2014). Bisexuality denies being “taken” by men and “girls looking like boys”. She was engaged to porn actor Rocco Reed. In 2012 she married actor / director Toni Ribas. Apart from work, they are faithful. She considers herself a feminist. She has 82 different nominations, 31 awards. 157 cm, 48 kg; measures 32C-23-33.

She currently lives in Los Angeles, USA. She likes hip-hop, tattoos and cartoons.

On May 6, 2014, she published an autobiographical book entitled “Insatiable: Porn – A Love Story”.

On her right leg above the outer ankle was tattooed “Mrs Concepcion”, which refers to the immaculate conception of the Mary. Then it was replaced by several flowers. On her left forearm has “Antoni” – the first name of his husband Toni Ribas.

She is allergic to cats and their masters.

Who is Asa Akira porn star?

The guys recognize her ass among dozens of others, she is called an anal queen and has a so-called “choco-voko”. One of the best known and most respected porn actresses, she became the best anal scene. She also won AVN for “Actress of the Year”. It looks like this lady knows what she’s doing.

Porn actress Asa Akira was born on January 3, 1986 in New York. So she celebrated her 31st birthday. She is quite tiny, only 157 cm tall and weighs about 45 kilograms. She is the only child of their parents who are Japanese immigrants. Her father was a portrait photographer and lived in Tokyo from the age of 9. She attended an American school. At home they spoke Japanese and their family was among the rich. She calls his childhood normal. At the age of 13, she returned to America and stayed there. As a teenager she worked in bookshops.

In her life she managed to work as a dominatrix, stripper, occasional escort and porn actress, known for anal sex. Meanwhile, she considers herself heterosexual, but she admits that she is attracted to women who look like boys. But she is not 100% bisexual. She started her career when she was 19 and started as a dominatrix. Later she worked as a stripper at the Hustler Club in NY. The offer for work in pornbranch came from colleague Gina Lynn (similar to Asa Akira porn star), whom she met at a club.

Her husband is Toni Ribas (porn actor, director) and they can distinguish their relationship from work together, saying that their relationship is otherwise monogamous. She doesn’t mind having Toni sex on the set, but if he took his film partner for lunch after filming, it would break her heart. Their sex is crazy and can last up to 2 minutes. They both like fast sex. She was previously engaged to porn actor Rocco Reed.

Asa Akira porn star and anal queen

She’s a Spiegler’s girl and they’re supposed to be the best. They do everything. But really everything. Spiegler (an agent who represents the most prestigious actresses) carefully chooses who to take under his wing. Her anal scenes are famous. When she began to shoot porn, she refused any anal sex and claimed that she would only keep it at home for her husband. At the time she said that, even anal sex did not operate much. But eventually she became an anal queen. But then she started dating her boyfriend, who was shooting porn and they started to anal often. The first twenty attempts were unpleasant for her, but then she started.

It is important that anal sex is not disgusting. At the beginning, she was one of the nervous girls and didn’t know what to expect. Some actresses say they don’t even eat and just drink before anal sex. Asa prepares for the anal scene, she begins to clean 24 hours before the shoot, enemas and enemas. It is recommended that you do not push when the guy begins to push you. At the same time it is recommended not to feed with corn and radish. She doesn’t like it from behind, but she loves the position on the ending.

Because they considered her an “anal girl”, they did not recommend her to roles where something had to be played a little. She likes to express herself as sex object. She was nominated for Best Porn Actress at both Xbiz and AVN, and also signed a pretty lucrative contract with Wicked Pictures. Porn actresses earn around 1,500 dollars for the anal scene.

Asa Akira makes such harder images that don’t take me too much, sandwiches, etc. Otherwise she’s one of the prettiest Asians, not just in porn, but in movies! Very, very pretty.

Insatiable: Porn And Love Story (Voracious)
This is the title of the book Asa wrote, saying that her mother must not read it. This book was published by Grove Press and was its first. In 2016, another one came out, but no longer gained popularity. In the book “Voracious”, she confesses the intimacy of her life. The chapters are written with a dose of self-irony and humor, but they are still very honest. It is an inspiring, emotional reading and many people will be surprised how much the reality of porn shooting differs from the way most people imagine it. So if you ever get it and read it. Of course, they also describe their sex and masturbation, but they are not the strongest parts of the book, but only marginal ones. The parts where she describes the pleasures and woes of her work in pornbranch will catch you more.

She’d always liked to read, but she’d never thought of writing her own book. Maybe she never thought she’d ever shoot porn, and she did. She was brought to her writing by her literary agent, who noticed that her Twitter posts were interesting and thought she could write well. He asked for a small sample article, which eventually became one chapter in her book. She had been writing a diary since she was a child, but she was confiscated by her mother when she read it and found out who Asa was sleeping with.

She said that she had never felt as exposed as after the publication of this book. “Like, it’s okay when people look at me, but writing about it is something completely different, much more intimate. I only wrote the book when I knew there was no one at home. I immediately closed the computer and told him to drop out. My husband certainly liked to conceive later, because she described their pretty crazy sex.

Her book: It’s more of a reading for women. And it did not even put pictures there, you might just be interested. The chapters sound cheerful, but in some cases it wasn’t the intention. In the memory of women said most engraved part of the airport and cheeky boy. In the airport lobby, she was approached by a young man and immediately recognized who she was talking to. There was a short conversation when he said goodbye and left. He walked around from behind, slipping his hand under her shoulder and squeezing her breast. She did not follow him, but she was terribly shocked and felt dirty as if she had been disgraced. Then she was crying for a very long time.

Well, sorry about that, but we’re seeing it today and every day, it’s uncomfortable and slapped, but it’s a bit fetched to make a porn actress crumble.

The bimbogirl, which, of course, describes how many times where and where different gentlemen poked their limbs into it, gets very upset and collapses when a teenager at the airport grabs her breast and runs away. I know the living space of Americans is greater than in other countries, but I find it hard to imagine an ordinary American girl (let alone an erotic worker) reacting so dramatically.

It would make me sad, too, because it explains from many passages what a simple being with an often paradoxically bigotical view of the world. It cannot be distorted: its mental outlook is so short that it can hardly distort itself. I think the only thing she really wrote was that final letter to a potential child, a very embarrassing affair.

Asa Akira porn star

Sure, it’s Gina, the one who kisses without asking and shines in FantASStic Whores. And what, without some big questions, twenty-year-old was Asa offered her first role in the film. In porn film. Obviously she liked the exotic beauty very much because they played together. Gina Lynn licked her there and Asa Akira hadn’t changed her profession.

Her grandfather, a respected Japanese diplomat, was probably turning in the grave, but he couldn’t do anything about his granddaughter’s starting career. Asa (that is her real first name) Akira (an artist’s surname according to the famous manga) was, however, like all Japanese, very hardworking and also made it far. She has won numerous awards for her work in the pornographic industry (eg XBIZ 2012 actress of the year) and is now a legend in the industry.

Movies with Asa Akira

Born in 1986 in New York, she studied at high-quality schools and worked in a bookstore. She is a feminist, practicing a lot, appearing on television, radio, magazines. She likes boys (see for example Multiple Orgasms) and girls (Lesbian Masseuse), but she doesn’t want to be called bisexual. Her greatest virtue is, she claims, marital allegiance – she has never deceived any of her previous partners (Rocco Reed and Toni Ribas).

The fucking at work doesn’t count. Given its popularity, Fleshlight asked her to print an artificial vagina. No problem for Asa. And she also performed in Sex Factor. In an online podcast, she addresses a variety of teenage sexual concerns and woes. Handy girl!

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